Bare and Payne get opportunity to kiss a pig


Adam Lucken

This is the pig that our staff kissed. Art teacher Mr. Bradley Williams bought this 30 pound pig for fun. All money earned will be dedicated to the senior class.

Elizabeth Rickert

A new fundraiser was created for the senior class called ‘Kiss the Pig’ which took place during the pep rally.

The idea of ‘Kiss the Pig’ is simple. There were six staff members asking for donations in class and during lunch. The teacher with the highest amount of money raised gets the unique opportunity to kiss a pig.

“As far as I know we haven’t had a pig in the school before. It’s a new fun idea and I think kids will be excited about it,” said creator and senior Adam Lucken.

The six candidates are Ms. Meredith Blackmore, Officer Paul Payne, Mr. Doug Mader, Mr. Andrew Oakes, Mrs. Kimberly Cooper, and Mrs. Karen Bare.

“I would choose OPP to kiss the pig because he cares about the school and would do almost anything to help us,” said freshman Megan McMullen.

The pig is provided by art teacher Mr. Bradley Williams who bought a 30 pound pig for fun.

“It will be entertaining to watch our respected principle and staff kiss a pig,” said junior Christina Caporale.

The winners were Bare and Payne. It was a tie because a spontaneous check was placed in Payne’s jug that evened the amount.