Richard Sherman keeps talking



This is not the first time Sherman has had a verbal spat with a player. He has gone after everyone from wide receivers like, Garcon to quarterbacks like Payton Manning after last years super bowl. He is never afraid to speak his mind. PC: MCT Photo

Last year, Richard Sherman gave one of the best post-game interviews ever, when he talked to Fox’s Erin Andrews. It has been established that Sherman likes to talk, whether it is trash or not.

This week he stepped back into the spotlight after comments he made regarding Pierre Garçon of the Washington team, after the Seahawks 27-17 win on Monday Night Football. Sherman told reporters that “Pierre doesn’t matter in this league.” When asked to clarify his comments he said, “I mean exactly what I said.”

This was a hard fought battle between the seven year veteran, Garçon, and the fourth year Sherman. Garçon was even seen pulling Sherman’s dreads in an attempt to get open on Sherman. They both were also seen jawing throughout the game.

This incident and the post-game interview are the way Sherman has become bigger than football. He is number five in jersey sales, according to and also has an endorsement deal with Nike. His most recent commercial also makes fun of this perception of him.

Fans personally love the fact that in an age of always trying to give a respectful, courteous answer, someone finally decided to say what they were thinking. It is what a lot of fans want to hear.

Sherman has also had prior incidents with Tom Brady, Michael Crabtree and Patrick Peterson. Garçon took to twitter after the quote posting a picture with a quote saying “Silence, is the best reply to a fool.”