Being famous for the wrong reasons


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Jameis Winston during the Clemson game coming on to the field to celebrate. He was suspended from this game for yelling obscene comments. He tried to come out in his pads but was sent back.

In Dec. 2012 the quarterback for Florida State, Jameis Winton, was accused of rape. Those allegations went away after the DA decided not to prosecute. Later that same year Winston won the Heisman Trophy and went on to steal crab legs from a Publix. He received a citation and was suspended from the FSU baseball team.

“He is a good football player but he needs to be held accountable for his actions,” freshman Joey Johnson said

On Sept. 20 Winston was suspended for the entire game vs. Clemson for yelling an obscene comment in the student union. At first he was suspended for a half but after a lot of criticism FSU suspended him for the entire game. Starting Oct. 5 FSU reopened the accusation of the rape after the Tallahassee police department found evidence that FSU swept the incident under the rug.

“I hope that the school itself will be investigated for trying to make his problems go away just because he is a winning quarterbcak,”  junior Ben Schere said

Winston is being investigated for violating FSU conduct clauses. To top it all off he is also being investigated for signing autographs and selling them for a profit. It is against NCAA regulations for a player to sell memorabilia for a profit that goes directly to the player himself.

Dec. 2012: Winston investigated for rape

Jan. 2013: Written up for shoplifting

Sept. 2014: Suspended from a game

Oct. 2014: Investigation for signing autographs

“Jameis Winston should be suspended from football and have his Heisman revoked. FSU should also be punished of covering these incidents up,” Schere said.