Joseph Incandela lectures on Higgs Boson


Particle physicist Joseph Incandela spoke at Ohio State University on October 2. His presentation focused on the new discoveries concerning the Higgs Boson. AP Physics students in attendance will receive extra credit. Photo courtesy of Lila Englander.

Lila Englander, Assignment Editor

AP Physics students will go to great lengths for extra credit. On October 2, I drove five of my classmates to Ohio State University to listen to particle physicist Joseph Incandela explain new findings regarding the Higgs Boson.

“It was a fun experience to go to OSU but the speech itself was a little too advanced for my comprehension. Also Jeni’s Ice Cream is amazing,” senior Jessica Hobart said.

The Higgs Boson is what gives particles their mass. Incandela worked with a machine called the Large Hadron Collider to study particle physics.

“Overall the trip to OSU was really fun, and while the lecture was on an advanced topic, I feel as though the speaker summarized how we got to this point. I wish he focused on the implications of the discovery,” senior William Hobart said.

New discoveries regarding the Higgs Boson could change scientists’ entire theories about the universe.

“The lecture was definitely interesting but at certain points I felt slightly overwhelmed by all of the complex information that I was trying to take it,” senior Deepak Indrakanti said.

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