College visits ease decisions


One of hundreds of colleges in the Boston area, Wellesley College has consistently drawn an SHS student in past years. “Visiting Wellesley definitely influenced my decision to go here,” 2014 graduate Alexis Corcoran said. Photo courtesy of Alexis Corcoran.

As seniors begin the application process, they must compile a list of schools. To help make the decision of where to apply, numerous seniors have been out of class on college visits this quarter. With so much information now accessible online, why bother visiting colleges?

“Visiting schools is incredibly important when making your college decision. A school I thought was no question my first choice now has some competition because I visited another and found I liked it just as much. I wouldn’t have discovered that without visiting,” senior Ethan Smilg said.

Senior Megan Jiang has visited seven colleges.

“[College visits] let you actually see the campus you might be living on for the next four years which is really important. It lets you know if that school is the right for you. After all, it would suck to live somewhere you hate for the next four years,” Jiang said.

However, some students feel that too much value may be placed on visits.

“I think that your mood, tour guide, and weather can hugely skew your impression of a specific college on any given day. I think it’s better to research the schools online and make a data table to compare them,” senior Megan Rogge said.

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