Rain or shine, color guard will spin on


One of the flags that was supposed to be used in that night’s performance. With the bright colors and uplifting nature of the show it would have surely brightened up the night. The bright colors of the flags definitely complement those of the smiles and attitudes presented Friday night. Photo courtesy of Natalie Brinkman.

The color guard performed during the half time of the homecoming game, despite the never-ending rain and the depressing mood it put everyone in.

Black parkas and all, the band played during the half time show and gave it their best, both the band’s instruments and the color guard’s flags all received an unexpected shower.

The weather was bad and stormy, but the color guard did not let that put them down. Even the rain did not make them loose their pep.

“It was amazing because even though it was pouring rain, there were still people in the stands. We have lots of school spirit,” said sophomore Julia You.

Despite the after game show that was planned before being cancelled, the band still piled into the stands for the rest of the game.

“It was lots of fun! I almost lost my voice from cheering so loud,”said freshman Kate Willis.

This just goes to show that if you do not let weather get in the way, you can still be successful.

“It is still fun, even when it rains” said sophomore Chelsea Kinney.

Natalie Brinkman