Chess Team season commences

The Chess Team’s season has started, and so has signups.  Chess Team is a winter sport with all the rules and regulations any sport at SHS has.  It is a no-cut team with ranked players and competitions.

“I’m fairly good at chess.  I really like strategy games, so I’m into chess, and look forward to the social opportunities that will come of it also.”  freshman Trevor Welch said.

The usual athletic fee of 75$ accompanies membership.  Chess Team is run by Dr. Keith Brackenridge, and practice will begin on Monday, October 20th.   Matches are in the GMC region.

“I learned to play chess from my Grandpa in Poland.  He was unable to do sports besides this, so it was a great way to bond with him.”  freshman Adam Meller said.

The season begins now and ends December 8th.

“This is my 1st year playing chess.  I joined for a chance to fill my hours until wrestling starts.”  junior Miles Goldfarb said.

Photo credit:  Jacob Englander

For more information, email Dr. Brackenridge at