Bullying taken down through ACE


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Both boys and girls alike can be bullies, victims, or bystanders. Bystanders are those who see the bullying taking place, yet don’t do anything. Being proactive and standing up to those in need of assistance is always smiled upon.

Before anything else, administration has made sure ACE bells make clear the anti-bulling policy. These rules were put in place to make sure students are in a positive learning environment at all times.

“ACE bells were put in place as a way to deliver information in a setting that is productive to students paying attention and really taking in what is being delivered.” said administrator, Karen Bare.

During these bells, students are shown an anti-bullying video and PowerPoint. These make clear what bullying is, why it is not okay, and consequences for students that break these rules.

“It’s great that the school put first things’ first,” said freshman, Thea Ferdinand, “I know plenty of people who have been bullied in the past, and would hate for that to ever continue.”

Bullying is any form any unprovoked and intentional written, verbal, electronic or physical act that causes mental or physical harm to the other student. Oftentimes, this makes students feel uncomfortable and take away from their academic experience.

“It must be known that bullying in any way is never okay,” said Ferdinand, “that really should not have to be what school is about anyway. At school, students should be focused on their learning, not their differences.”

If severe, persistent or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for the other student, it can be reported to any faculty to be taken care of immediately.

For more information, go to Sycamore Schools for more details.