Marching band, color guard’s success outshines stormy weather


Here color guard members can be seen cheering on and watching other bands at the Mason Mid-states competition. It rained hard all through practice and in the beginning of the completion, but the outcomes did not show that. Taking third place in their class, the color guard truly tried their best. Photo courtesy of Natalie Brinkman.

Preforming groups received third place despite the terrible obstacles thrown their way.

Rain was on again, off again, leaving the silks of the flags soggy and wet.

Mason Mid-states was cold and wet. We really fought through the weather, and did well,” sophomore Natasha Wang said.

Thin costumes and dance shoes barely protected the girls from the cold weather and constant drizzle, but the vibrant green and bright flags were equal to the sunny attitude and bright smiles of the girls.

“It sucked, a lot. But we were strong and pushed through it. It went better than expected,” sophomore Julia You said.

Other people, namely the judges, also noticed the girl’s great attitudes. With both the marching band’s success and the color guard’s, they were able to take home a third place trophy.

“I was injured so I could only watch the show, but it was cold! We got third place though!” freshman Jacqui Grega said.

Pushing through the weather allowed the marching band to take home a trophy.