Documented: Spanish students to host one-night screening


Lauren Saxon

The film Documented tells the story of an American revealing to the public that he is actually undocumented. The story distinguishes the difference between an illegal immigrant and an undocumented American. It will be hosted by CHS classes on Jan. 15.

A main goal of the Contemporary Hispanic Studies (CHS) class is to help its students develop into global citizens contributing to society. Meredith Blackmore, CHS teacher, wants her students to be informed and able to generate opinions on many of today’s world issues.

One of the world issues studied first quarter is immigration. In addition to having a guest speaker share her family’s immigration story, Blackmore also stumbled across an interesting film trailer online for the movie Documented.

The film fits the class curriculum perfectly, but the class was disappointed to discover there would be no screening of the documentary in Cincinnati.

“I looked up two documentaries to find when they were coming to Cincinnati, but I couldn’t find where they were coming,” Blackmore said.

Rather than giving up, Blackmore looked more into the site and found an option that said ‘Host a Screening in Your Area.’

“There’s a company called ‘Tugg’ that does screenings around different areas. I went ahead and entered who I was, when I wanted to host it, which theater to show it at, and the rationale why,” Blackmore said.

On Oct. 8, Blackmore surprised her students, announcing that she had signed them all up as sponsors for the film and that it had been accepted

“This screening is really important to this class because it makes you guys feel like you’re involved in things,” Blackmore said.

The film Documented, a story of an undocumented American, is set to show in Cincinnati’s Cinemark Oakley theater on Jan. 14 at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets go on sale on Dec. 11, and CHS classes encourage you to invite all friends and family to this event. A minimum of 75 tickets must be sold to continue with the screening.

CHS students will also host a discussion in the movie theater after the movie is over, to be more informed on the immigration issue.

For more information on the event and a movie plot summary, click here.