Q&A with Adam dock, 12 on Senior Halloween



As a cop from the hit television show, Reno 911, students dressed up as police officers and gave out fake tickets. “It was so much fun seeing the looks on some of the student’s faces when I handed out a post-it note with a fake ticket. The Senior Halloween parade is Oct. 23 during seventh bell.

Zachary Fritzhand, Staff Writer

Question: You have been at SHS for four years now, how excited are you for this event?

Answer: I am beyond excited for Senior Halloween to happen, every year I watch all the seniors enjoy themselves on this fantastic day.


Q: What are you planning on being for senior Halloween?

A: My original plan was to be a Harlem Globetrotters with some of my friends, but at the last second it fell apart, so now I’m being a cop from the hit TV show Reno 911.


Q: What is your favorite memory from passed Senior Halloween?

A: My freshman year about 6 students dressed up as construction workers and blocked the hallways; it was so creative yet simple but has really stuck through the years.


Q: Do you think other grades should participate in this event in order to make it a school wide event?

A: I definitely do not think other grades should participate; this has always been a senior event. This is almost like a privilege that we have waited for four years to happen.