Volleyball season comes to close


Every athlete must face the moment when they realize that their athletic career at SHS has come to an end. For the girls on the Varsity volleyball team, that moment was on Oct. 18.

The team was set to play Ursuline who knocked the girls out of the tournament last season. Varsity was excited and eager for the rematch.

Unfortunately, three tough games later, the Varsity team lost to Ursuline.

Possibly the most upsetting part of the match was not that the team lost, but that they lost without playing to their full potential.

“Every team except for one has to end their season on a loss,” Coach Brittney Starkey said.

After the match, even though the seniors were sad that the game marked their last season as part of the Varsity volleyball team, they were grateful for the time spent together.

The seven seniors have spent over six years playing volleyball together, so this by no means is an end to their friendship.

“We’ve spent countless hours in practice, at tournaments, and in games with each other. We’ve grown so close over these last four years in high school, and none of us could imagine playing without the other ones,” senior Elli Gibson said.

The seniors were shedding tears after the game, but then they started reflecting on all that they had accomplished during their four years on the team, and realized they had little reason to be upset.

“We’re not sad that it’s over, we’re happy that it happened,” senior Courtney Cron said.