Students wear hats


Hannah Frey

Wearing a hat is against the dress code, but this rule is not enforced strictly. Freshman Taylor Close has worn a hat all day but nothing was said to her. Teachers do not feel that hats are a huge problem.

Hannah Frey

In most high schools dress codes are set in place. One rule is that students should not wear hats in school. But is this rule really enforced?

The answer to this question will vary for different people. One thing students have to think about is how strict their teachers are. If they have teachers who are notoriously strict then wearing a hat to school might not be the idea.

Another contingency that students must think about is what kind of hat they will be wearing. Traditionally students who might be asked to take off their hat will be wearing a billed hat, teachers seem to be less strict about beanies.

“I feel like the people who always get in trouble for hats are guys, I do not think teachers mind when girls wear hats,” sophomore Brooke Baker said.

This topic brings up the points that many students wonder about, why are hats against the dress code?

“I have a number of friends who wear hats to school and I do not see why people make a big deal about it, it is not like hats are inappropriate,” junior Sydney Love said.

If someone is wearing something that distracts them or others they should not be permitted to wear it.

But if they are wearing a hat to express themselves and it makes them feel better about themselves and express how they feel it should not be a problem.

“I really want to get a beanie and I feel that I should be allowed to wear it in school because it would make me worry about  how hair looked less,” said sophomore Isabelle Jimenez.