Cheap masks make money


Willem Van Lancker

Emojis are small digital images or icons that express an idea. They were invited in 1999 in Japan. “Moji” means letter or character in Japanese.

   Marshall Haas and Jon Wheatley, creators of a start-up called NeedWant, has launched a new “product” called Emoji Masks.

Emojis, those fun little icons we all love to text to each other, clearly needed to become a mask for us all to wear.

“Emoji masks had to happen sooner or later. I would buy one just to have it as a last minute Halloween costume,” sophomore Gail Duke said.

The masks cost $5 or $15 for the whole set of emojis. The masks are thin attached with an elastic band to put around your face.

“Make no mistake, these things are pretty cheap and low quality but they’re a blast to play around with. Perfect for photos,” Wheatley said.

The emojis available include:

  • Grin emoji
  • Heart eyes emoji
  • Poop emoji
  • Smile emoji
  • Sly Guy emoji

“I’m just mad I didn’t think of it sooner, I could have gotten rich,” junior Martin Gonzalez said.

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