AP courses push limits


Caroline Gao

A common AP course for juniors to take is AP United States History. That course involves many hours of study. “AP US History is a hard course that takes time to adjust to,” junior Brianna Dooley said.


As the first quarter of the school year reaches its end, juniors involved in heavy Advanced Placement  (AP) courses feel substantial amounts of stress.

“I am taking five AP courses right now and it’s very challenging but I know the credits will be worth it. Each course demands a lot of time and effort to be put in it,” junior Maya Sheth said.

Students taking AP courses are burdened with pages of notes and readings. Students can fall behind, making following the course even more difficult.

“AP classes are definitely more challenging in the sense that so much depends on your lecture notes and readings. If you don’t keep up with your work, your grade will definitely reflect it,” junior Julia Kumar said.

While AP courses can cause mass amounts of stress, there are still many benefits. Benefits of taking AP courses include:

  • Impressing college admission counselors

  • Developing college-level academic skills

  • Choosing a major sooner

  • Taking more elective classes in college

“At times I wish I didn’t take as many AP classes or hard classes as I do, but I know I will benefit from not only the credit of the course but also learning how to manage my time and how to handle stress,” junior Rohan D’Souza said.

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