Boys tennis team starts conditioning


  Photo courtesy of Neil Yejjey Playing tennis over the off season also helps players acquire points.Conditioning serves to make sure that players are more fit than the opponents.  They also serve to find out who is dedicated to the program and who is not.

Neil Yejjey

At 6am the Gregory Center is usually empty with a teacher or two trying to squeeze in a morning workout. But on October 14th the Gregory center was once again filled with loud music and dedicated players.  Every Tuesday and Thursday morning a conditioning session is held from 6-6:30am.

This is not a new thing, as conditioning has been a mainstay in the tennis team for more than a decade now.  Team captains and seniors Deepak Indrakanti, Nakul Narendran and Alex Wittenbaum are always at conditioning regardless of injury or anything. “I think it is important to stay dedicated to the team regardless of what happens” said Wittenbaum.

The conditioning sessions show who is dedicated to the team and who is not. “Those who show up to conditioning consistently are those who are typically the best” Coach Michael Teets said.  Typically 10-20 players show up per session.

Fitness testing also happens over the course of the sessions as well. With fall testing happening in late October, winter testing in December and a final test before tryouts in March.  Players are given goals by Teets to achieve by the final test, such as improved mile times, more pushups, etc.