Boys tennis begins team bonding

Neil Yejjey

“Sycamore tennis isn’t just a team; it is a family. JV, varsity B and varsity A are all part of the sycamore tennis family.  So I think that we should work and play hard like a family as well” senior Deepak Indrakanti said.In addition to conditioning sessions before school; the boy’s tennis team has introduced new team bonding activities.  There are soccer games on the weekends as well as team jogs over the week.  This is not mandatory but is recommended.

The activities that the team does include soccer, tennis, jogging and many others.

“I just think it is fun and I got to make a lot more friends. I feel as if I’m part of a huge family” junior Rohan D’Souza said.

There are also events that will take place over the upcoming holiday season, such as “secret Santa” and so forth.  Also team hitting clinics and happen over the summer and continue after the boys season.

“We just want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and has fun” senior Nakul Narendran said.


Neil Yejjey

Photo courtesy of Deepak Indrakanti The Varsity A boys tennis team last year. The family environment is heavily encouraged, and all three teams are meant to be one big family. ”we want everyone to be comfortable here and have fun” sophomore Regis Liou said.