Australian teen joins ISIS


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Kurdish refugees flee their homes in Turkey due to an ISIS invasion. The radical Islamic State seeks to destroy those who do not conform to their ideals. Along with refugees, both Kurds and other people have been brutally beheaded.

Claire Lefton, Staff Writer

For most, 17 means juggling homework, extracurriculars and jobs while preparing for college. For Australian Abdullah Elmir, it means killing tyrants on behalf of the Islamic State. Elmir became the latest spokesman for ISIS after disappearing on a fishing trip.

“Until we put the black flag on top of Buckingham Palace. Until we’ve put the black flag on top of the White House, we will not stop and we will keep on fighting. We will fight you and we will defeat you,” Elmir said.

Elmir is now identified as “Abu Khaled from Australia” and is one of hundreds of young people joining the radical group. ISIS releases propaganda with high production value and the promise of justice- two things which appeal to modern youth.

While most young people who join the Islamic State are raised with their radical mindset, Elmir’s family claims he was just a normal teenager and believes he has been brainwashed into working with the terrorists.

“We are devastated that we may never be able to see him again. We wish for his safety and we want the government to help bring him home,” a family member said to the “Sydney Morning Herald.”

As ISIS continues to spread across the Middle East and more hostages are beheaded, it is becoming harder to discern if these new young soldiers are joining of their own free will or are threatened into submission.

No matter how they end up joining ISIS, it is clear that they are becoming more global.

“It is tragic that a misguided young Australian has become caught overseas up in this terrorist cause.” former Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said to “ABC News.”

For further information and footage of Elmir speaking, go to Buzzfeed.