‘Moriarity’s Mixtures’ makes mouthwatering posts


From flourless chocolate cake to Thai red curry chicken, senior Megan Rogge’s passion for cooking can be viewed on her cooking blog, Moriarity’s Mixtures. So far, her blog includes four recipes with straightforward recipes. Rogge has had passion for cooking since eighth grade. Photo courtesy of Megan Rogge.

Lila Englander, Assignment Editor

Senior Megan Rogge started cooking when she was eight years old.

“I like the process of starting with raw ingredients and transforming them into something that looks entirely different. I also have always had a fairly developed palette and enjoy trying unique combinations of flavors,” Rogge said.

In August, Rogge decided to share her love of cooking with other food-enthusiasts through a blog.

“I started the blog in order to share my favorite recipes with my friends and family,” Rogge said.

As for technique, Rogge advises flexibility.

“You should be meticulous in your method to achieve the best results. Also if you are cooking from recipes, don’t be afraid to tweak them to your taste,” Rogge said.

To visit Rogge’s blog click here.