Hello my name is Scott


Lauren Glynn

Ginsberg has used his name tag fame to propel into his self-created career. He travels as a motivational speaker and was hired by SHS to spread his message to the senior class. He also writes books, blogs and consistently wears his nametag.

Lauren Glynn

It has been 5,109 days since Scott Ginsberg put on a name tag for the first time. From the first day, his life was altered forever.

“When you label yourself first, you take ownership over your identity,” Ginsberg said.

Ginsberg visited SHS on Sept. 26 to talk to the class of 2015 about his methods of self branding. Unfortunately, the rest of the school did not get to hear his story.

Creating a career

This whole unintentional experiment began when Ginsberg was at a presentation and everyone had to wear a name tag.

At the end of the presentation, he walked to the back of the classroom to find a garbage can full of name tags. He did not know why, but he decided to keep his on.

“Instead of going to the career fair I just hired myself and got to work,” Ginsberg said. “Timing isn’t everything, it is the only thing.”

Ginsberg wears a nametag 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Even within that first day of wearing his name tag, Ginsberg noticed that people started to strike up conversations with him because they were curious as to why he was wearing the name tag.

“The interactions are priceless,” Ginsberg said.

A name tag is a permission slip. It gives individuals a reason to approach the wearer.

Not really knowing why, he documented everything for the first few months. Then, he later realized he had discovered something bigger than a name on a piece of paper.

“All of us wear name tags every day,” Ginsberg said.

It just depends on what we see first.

‘Are you Scott, the name tag guy?’

While some people have been extremely supportive of his ideas, others have not.

People stare, crack jokes and criticize Ginsberg for choosing to wear a name tag every day. Sometimes people even walk up to him and rip off the name tag. That does not stop Ginsberg, he keeps extras with him at all times.

“When they rip it off and I put a new one on, the reactions are the best,” Ginsberg said.

He has seen it all. Ginsberg even had an encounter with a man who unintentionally stalked him. He turned out to be just a huge fan who was shy and wanted an autograph.

Where is Scott now?

He is now the author of 12 books. The first of many is called “Hello, My Name is Scott.” In the back of the book there are two blank name tags for the readers to use.

The novel got him attention and he ended up on CNN with the title of ‘The Name Tag Wearer.’

“If you don’t make a name for yourself someone will for you,” Ginsberg said.

Even though people disagree with Ginsberg and send him hate mail, he has many supporters.

He has also attempted to do video broadcasts that did not work, but he still keeps them on his website in case his followers ever want to watch them.

“Ideas are free, only execution is priceless,” Ginsberg said.

To display his dedication to his company and idea of constantly wearing a name tag, Ginsberg got a tattoo of his name tag on his chest so that he wears a name tag at all times.

He is serious about his name tag and creating a name for himself before others do and has no plan to take the name tags off.

“When your big wave comes along, you have to be in a position to ride it,” Ginsberg said.

Name tags are not badges. They are truly a way to brand and promote everything individuals have to offer.