Apple Pay on new iPhones


Everyone loves when they get a new phone. Junior Caroline Shor posted a photo of her iPhone 4 next to her new iPhone 6 Plus on Instagram. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have up to 128GB of storage, compared to the predecessors having up to 64GB. Photo from Caroline Shor

Max Fritzhand, Staff Writer

Apple released an update for all the iOS devices. The update added Apple Pay and fixed bugs. Apple Pay is a huge deal to Apple and the public. For the first time ever, you can purchase stuff at stores using your iPhone or iPad.

“I waited for more than 10 hours to get the iPhone 6 Plus. I really like what Apple has done with the iPhone, said junior Austin Dick.

The process is really simple: the user holds their phone near a payment terminal, and the payment card they have set as a default is called up, prompting a Touch ID action where the user authenticates their transaction.

“When I was at Panera today, I used Apple Pay, instead of normally using my credit card. I was surprised at how fast the purchase was,” junior Caroline Shor.

In other terms you basically just take your iPhone, and have it near a terminal that accepts payment. There are many apps that use Apple Pay as well. A really useful app to use is Uber. It’s a private taxi app, where you can pay in advance on your phone.

Apple Pay is only on the new iPhone and iPad models. That would be the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the iPad air 2 and iPad mini 3 Although the iPhone 5S does have a finger print sensor, Apple decided not to implement Apple Pay on it, because they want more consumers to purchase the newer devices.

“I hate how only the new iPhones have Apple Pay,” said sophomore Jordan Hoffman.

The major advantage of Apple Pay is that you can pay on the go and not have to wait, if you are in a hurry. Apple will likely implement Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. The watch is set to be released to the public around September 2015.