Water polo goes down shooting


McDaniels Photography

Senior Greyson Marks gets up big to block a shot. Marks is the starting Varsity goalie. He was the back up in the previous season.

Ethan May, Staff Writer

The boys polo team traveled to Ohio Wesleyan College, right outside of Columbus, on Oct. 25-26 to compete in the State tournament. This competition would close out the season for high school water polo.

In the start of this season a new rule was implemented, every team would be allowed to compete in State where in previous years only four of the best teams in OH would play.

“The new changes made for a more fun tournament, but it was harder because to win State you have to win four games in a row instead of just two,” senior Rick Niu said.

The boys would have a tough schedule ahead of them. Their first game was against Sylvania, a team that SHS had easily beaten in previous years. They would go on to win this game 14-1.

“We played extremely well in the game against Sylvania. This gave us confidence heading into our next game versus St. Xavier Bombers,” senior Adam Ioas said.

St. Xavier would be the boys toughest opponent. They had lost to them three times and only beaten them once.

Going into the fourth quarter the boys were tied with St. Xavier, but the Bombers were able to pull ahead and win the game.

“We were not upset with how we played against St. X. We played a great game but unfortunately, St. X played an even better game, especially in the fourth quarter,” Ioas said.

After losing the game the boys were put into the losers bracket where they would not have a chance to play for the State tournament. They ended up in seventh place.