Misplaced cars cause ‘wheel’ problem for band


Charles Harte

Freshman Charlie Griffith waits for a car to move. He played standing still for an hour. The band had to wait half of their practice before being able to march.

New to this school year, the senior lot has been painted with blue yard lines for the marching band to rehearse on. Unfortunately, they are not getting much practice in.

“We can’t march and everyone’s in the wrong spot,” freshman Olivia Huculak said. “A flag could damage the car.”

In addition to the inconvenience of not being able to march at all, moving the vehicles can be just as frustrating.

Not only do the instruments in the pit have to be moved away, but the entire ensemble has to entirely stop what they are doing to stand on the grass while the embarrassed senior pulls out of their spot.

“The seniors just need to move their cars closer to the Gregory Center,” freshman Joey Lehn said.

One after school meet, there was a car placed right in the middle of the field. Sophomore Jack Kays decided to do something about it.

“We had to go inside and ask him to move his car,” Kays said.

Kays helped the band regain a huge chunk of practice time, but in the future, the seniors really do need to move the cars at the end of the day.

Using what practice time they did get, the marching band scored a 73.40 at the Mason High School invitational band meet. The other scores can be found here by scrolling down and clicking recaps right next to the words “Mason High School (OH)”.

The marching band will be performing halftime at this week’s home football game, so come watch their award winning show.