Conditioning during off season prepares players


McDaniel's Photography

Maggie Skwara works on her volleys during practice. She will practice just as hard during the off season as she does during the season. She is practicing at the SHS courts with her team.

Leah Wallihan

It is the end of the fall sports season, but that does not mean it is time to sit back and relax.  Sports are not something that are only practiced during the season, but athletes must work during the off season too.

In the off season, athletes need to practice in order to be even better the following season.  Especially if a player wants to move up to a better team, they must work hard to be good enough to secure a spot.

“They should make it their number one mission to fix the flaws in their game.  They must be honest with themselves about what simply isn’t good enough,” coach Mike Teets said.

Junior Maggie Skwara of the Varsity A Girls Tennis Team is one of the top players on the team, playing at second singles.  She wants her team to be as strong as possible for next year’s season.

“I think girls need to step up their attendance to morning conditioning, first of all.  Second, we’re having team runs a couple times a month which will be beneficial to all of us, and I also think some need to take lessons and go to as many clinics as possible,” Skwara said.

It is important to not only work on our game, but also to stay in shape.

“Their physical fitness should be a huge priority. We need to be better athletes than our opponents,” Teets said.