Classes face today’s pressing issues


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Thousands of people gather outside the White House to protest the delay of immigration reform. The Latino Civil Rights Movement was a huge issue during the 1960s. It received far less attention than the African American Civil Rights Movement, but now Latinos are demanding that politicians sit down and finally start to do something about immigration and undocumented people living in the United States.

The issue of immigration is definitely not an easy one, nor is it simply solved, and that is what the students of the contemporary Hispanic studies (CHS) are studying.

“We’re exploring immigration into this country because it’s such a huge deal. We are also learning to be more sensitive toward the topic because there are immigrants that we go to school with every day,” senior Molly Gearin said.

Something that students often forget is that not everyone in Sycamore goes home to the same things or problems. One controversial issue the United States faces is what to do about the undocumented immigrants within our borders. Politicians are not only split between their parties, but they are also divided within their parties.

The policies the government may enact concerning undocumented immigrants will affect over 11.5 million people, including college students.

A few weeks ago, students listened to the story of guest speaker and former SHS student Laura Mendez. She shared her personal experiences about going to school and then into college as an undocumented immigrant.

One of the most memorable things she told classes were that even though she is from another country, her home is the United States. Currently she is attending UC, but is fearful for what will happen to her after she graduates, as no plans are really in place for her afterwards.

The classes have also watched several movies depicting the struggle and desperation of people and the lengths they go to come to the United States.

“It’s not like people wake up one morning and decide to come to the U.S.,” Spanish teacher Ms. Meredith Blackmore said.

The whole unit of immigration is to put the issue of immigration into perspective and give students a better understanding of such a pressing issue.

“One of the biggest takeaways is that people can’t be illegal, but actions can, and calling people illegal immigrants is pretty dehumanizing to a large group of people,” senior Elli Gibson said.