School pride now taught in class


Emily Chien

Students show their pride in many different ways. Some ways such as wearing spirit wear, participation in pep rallies and football games, painting banners, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and the pride is as well.

Emily Chien

With Mr. Doug Mader’s plans to refocus priorities this year, school pride is beginning to be added to ACE bells. Students will view a video and PowerPoint presentation during the lesson.

“I think school pride is extremely important because it lets us have pride in ourselves individually and in our educations and opportunities,” freshman Kiri Wang said.

Having this sense of school pride can give students a feeling of belonging, but can only be accomplished through respect and responsibility. Having this can form strong bonds with other students and staff while providing a more positive learning environment.

“Respect is practically the foundation of society, without it, we’re doomed,” Wang said, “If we all respect each other, we can put up a united front and have a supportive environment to learn and grow in.”

Gaining pride in one’s school can also lead to an improvement of student culture and the quality of student’s educations, as noted in the Huffington Post.

“My school pride is sometimes subtle, which is okay,” Wang said, “but in all, I am glad I go here, and proud to say it.”