Students opinions about Ebola


Ebola originated in South Africa and is named after the Ebola river. “We should be more concerned about problems that are more serious in America right now than Ebola is. I know it is very important to keep our eye on it but it should not be our number one priority,” sophomore Ayanna Boben said. Photo courtesy of MCT photo.

Hannah Frey

The fear of Ebola has swept the nation, and people have very different ideas how to handle it and how serious this epidemic is.

One thing people think that the answer to Ebola is quarantining people. This has been the standard protocol as of late.

“My opinion is that everyone who comes in contact with someone who has Ebola must be in a 21 day quarantine and ever though this is not really a opinion some people are not keeping this protocol, which worries me,” sophomore Brooke Backer said.

While other people should know what is going on with Ebola that it is nothing  to stress out about.

“I think it is important to be informed about it and know what is going on with it because it does not have a cure. But it has yet to affect me so I am not that concerned,” junior Sydney Love said.

Still others are focusing on stopping the spread of the disease.

“Ebola is very dangerous and it needs to be prevented from spreading in America,” junior Savanna Asbroke said.

While people have different opinions and ideas about Ebola, everyone seems to think that people need to be informed about the disease.