Varsity Football looking forward to Battle of the Skies


Jordan Baker

This podium is where The Sky trophy sits when SHS has it. The Sky trophy is awarded to the winner of the game between SHS and MHS. SHS has had the last two years. It is been in the front office area for the last two years and on Oct. 31 we wll get to see if it stays at SHS.

The last game of the regular football season is on Oct. 31 at home. The football team will face longtime rival Mason. This game is the final game and the one that has the most stakes with. Those are bragging rights, another in conference play and the winning of the Skies trophy.

“It’s going to be awesome to go watch this game especially it being at home. There’s not a better way to end the season than with a rivalry game,” freshman Joey Johnson said.

The Battle of the Skies is the football game between SHS and MSH. It always marks the end of the season. This could also be considered the biggest game of the season because it is a rivalry game.

  For the past seven years the football teams record is five and two.

  • 2007: SHS won 21 to 7

  • 2008: SHS won 34 to 10

  • 2009: SHS lost 10 to3

  • 2010: SHS won 27 to 24 in overtime

  • 2011: SHS lost 41 to 13

  • 2012: SHS won 42 to 33

  • 2013: SHS won 35 to 28

“I’m so pumped for this game. It was amazing last year and it should be just as good this year. It should be another victory for us,” junior Ben Schehr said.

Mason does not consider us a rival at all.  They consider Lakota West High School their rival but to us there MHS is and always will be a rival. The Battle of the Skies will always be a rivalry game and will be an exciting game for SHS.

“This is definitely a rivalry game. Everyone at  Sycamore knows it’s a big game, and with the way the game went last year this should another win for us,” junior Maxwell Brown said.

If the football team was to win the game their overall conference record in the GMC could also improve as well. With a win they would improve to four and three and finish with a record over .500. If they lost, they would be three and four and has a losing record at the end of the season.