Pumpkin panic pleasing people


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Demands for pumpkins are gradually increasing. In the past decade Starbucks has sold 200 million Pumpkin Spice Latte drinks in the past decade. Dunkin Donuts uses about 100 million pumpkin purees.

Beverly Liu

Has the pumpkin obsession gone too far? During autumn, this big orange gourd has not only been used for carving during Halloween but they have been turned into drinks, foods, and other products.

“It’s almost like a tradition or ritual that every fall the pumpkin fad comes back and we’re absolutely obsessed. The first drink of my pumpkin spice latte seems to envelop me like an old blanket making me feel all cozy and protected from the world,” sophomore Chloe Bradley said.

   According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ever since Starbucks introduced the pumpkin spice pumpkin sales have risen 34% during the last five years.

“I definitely think that during the fall season, there is a huge increase in pumpkin flavored things. Every restaurant or store has some kind of pumpkin spice flavored food. I’ve even seen scented candles and hand sanitizer,” sophomore Gail Duke said.

The nation’s obsession with pumpkin spice has transcended into all aspects of our taste buds.

Strange and unexpected pumpkin flavored foods include:

  • Oreos
  • whey protein
  • granola bars
  • dog treats
  • bagels
  • butter spread
  • Pringles

“I think people are just naturally attracted to the smell of pumpkin-y foods or scents. The smell of pumpkin reminds me of cozying up on chilly nights and anticipating Christmas and that’s why I love it so much,” junior Josephine Fernandez said.