Last lap running on high note


The boys’ cross country team starts a race in one of their meets. Although they did not reach their goal of going to state they enjoyed their season together. A large part of the team will return for Indoor track in the winter and track in the spring. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Lauren Kurtzer

With three first-team All-Conference and two second-team All-Conference runners, the boys’ Cross Country team has been a force in the Greater Miami Conference (GMC).

“Our number one goal was to qualify for the state meet as team, that didn’t happened but we qualified for the regional championships for the fourth straight year,” senior William Schrantz said.

“Another goal was to make the All-Conference Team again and I hit that too,” Schrantz said. He is a second team All-Conference member.

“It is just a bunch of nice guys who run together. There isn’t much more to it,” junior Maxwell Brown said.

Those nice guys have two runners with their personal record (PR) in the top ten and three in the top 30.

“The season went well although our goal was not achieved and my personal one was not either, but the team and my teammates are great,” sophomore Miles Menyhart said.  Menyhart had an injury that delayed his goal.

Although their season ended, they finished with multiple PRs being broken at the GMC Championships, their last meet.

“It was also really monumental to run my last ever race with my sophomore brother Andrew Schrantz,” older brother Schrantz said.

Schrantz saw a lasting effect that cross country had on him beyond meets.

“I’m very proud of the team and I think running cross country was the best decision of my life. I will miss the team more than they will know,” said Schrantz.