Still meeting Ellen DeGeneres


Bengals player Devon Still is talking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with DeGeneres on Oct. 17. Still’s story has spread across the country as his daughter is battling cancer. His jersey has been sold to raise cancer awareness and money. Taken from Devon Still’s Instagram.

Lauren Kurtzer

One small act of kindness by the Cincinnati Bengals that caught national attention in Aug. is still heating up today.

“It is nice that they are selling his jersey for his daughter’s type of cancer research, also for her treatment, and he is still part of the team with no special treatment.” sophomore Jason Logan said.

The after math of the Bengals keeping  Devon Still on the practice squad to pay for medical expenses, and eventually moving him to the active roster has been a story to follow sports fan or not.

“It’s amazing that a national story is based in Cincinnati, our hometown,” junior Calista Robbins said.

On Oct. 17 he appeared through satellite on The Ellen DeGenres Show where TV personality Ellen DeGeneres gave the defensive end $10,000 for his daughter’s treatment.

“It is amazing how people are rallying around him and his daughter. It is such a good deed,” English teacher, Mrs. Laura Newton said.

In June, third year player Still received news that his four year old daughter, Leah Still has neuroblastoma—a form of pediatric cancer in the nerve tissue.  She was given a 50 percent chance of survival.

Still’s number 75 jersey has sold over $1 million for pediatric cancer research.

In times of trouble this player shows us true strength .