New fundraisers are introduced through Student Council


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A game from the event, Play for Jose, will be reused in a reinvented Battle of the Sibs. The game, ‘Guess the Song,’ has participants run to touch the cone first. Whoever does so wins the game. Several games from Play for Jose are being reused.

Elizabeth Rickert

Various events this winter such as Hoops for Hope, Battle of the Sibs, a hockey event, and a dodgeball tournament have been put it to increase charity funding.

Hoops for Hope will take place on Jan. 23 at the basketball tournament.

“Hoops for Hope is dedicated to helping people with MS. Student Council is excited help out,” committee head Amy Bitzer said.

After Hoops for Hope is Battle of the Sibs which is replacing Play for Jose.

“We decided to bring back Battle of the Sibs this year because we have a ton of fun sibling pairs that would be awesome to have compete. The battle will feature games like egg roulette and an eating contest. It should be fun to be in and hilarious to watch,” junior and committee head Max Weiss said.

Battle of the Sibs last took place two years ago. Student Council works annually to reinvent their events.

“Battle of Sibs is a great fundraiser and there is always a decent turn out. I’m excited for it to return in hopes that my sister, Mackenzie, and I will be chosen to participate,” freshman Megan McMullen said.

Winter break provides a lull in the events.  However, as soon as school returns, Winter Formula, the new hockey event and the dodgeball tournament will occur in quick succession.