Varsity volleyball gets much needed rest, boredom sets in


McDaniel's Photography

Senior Courtney Cron runs a slide, a hit out of the right side by the middle hitter. Cron was out the majority of the 2013 season due to a torn labrum and surgery. While it was better for her final season at SHS, her shoulder still gave her some problems that will improve with time off.

“It’s so nice to finally get a break and rest up after a long season,” said senior Courtney Cron.

34 weeks of volleyball is not an easy task, nor is it for any sport, but that is how long the Varsity team has been conditioning and playing together.

The team started conditioning in early February for one and a half hours after school. They worked on agility, endurance, and speed in order to prepare for the fall.

Now that their season is over, the girls will finally have time to rest nagging injuries. Over the course of the last year, the majority of the team battled at least one injury that affected their play.

“We had torn labrums, shin splints, foot issues, Achilles heel problems, back strains, and pulled muscles. We were a bit of a mess to say the least,” senior Emily Hart said.

After the season ended, the team used their new free time for much needed healing. Three weeks later they find themselves bored.

“I have nothing to do anymore. Now that we don’t have practice, I don’t know what to do with myself,” junior Patty Blood.

Many of the girls are not playing club volleyball this year so the team is thinking about getting together just to pass time.

“We’re thinking of maybe meeting during the week or on the weekends and to scrimmage or play sand. We all love the sport so much that to just stop playing is impossible,” Blood said.