Varsity Football working toward All Sports Trophy


The GMC trophy for Boys Swimming that was won by the team in 2012. The points Boys Swimming racked up helped push SHS closer to the All Sports Trophy. While any state or GMC trophy is a major accomplishment for that sport, the All Sports Trophy speaks to every sport as a whole.(Photo courtesy of Alex Wittenbaum)

Jordan Baker

There is a prestigious award that can be won by any of the 10 schools that are in the Greater Miami Conference. The school with highest number of points at the end of the school year will win the trophy

Currently SHS is in fourth place in the All Sports Trophy standing. Being behind Mason who has 26 points.  All the teams contribute to the gaining of points.  SHS is behind Mason who is in first, Lakota East in second and Lakota West in third.

“It is about time that we win the trophy again.  All sports have to work harder than ever if they want to knock off Mason and finally end their streak,” junior Maxwell Brown said.

There are six fall sports that have contributed the 56 points that SHS has right now.  Football, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, and volleyball are those fall sports that are played during the fall.

The sports that have their total points added to the current standings are below:

  • Cross Country: 14 points

  • Golf : 15 points

  • Soccer: 11 points

  • Girls Tennis: 11 points

  • Girls Volleyball: 5 points

“Through the fall season we definitely could’ve done a lot better.  We could’ve and should’ve scored more points than we have right now. We’ll just have to do better in the winter and spring season,”  junior Misha Sweeney said.

From 2007 to 2014 Mason has won The All Sports Trophy a total of seven times. The last time SHS won the trophy was 2003-2004 school year. For the past 10 years SHS has come up short in the standing, ultimately finishing the season in second or third place.

“I don’t know if I could handle seeing Mason win the trophy again.  They somehow find a way to win it all the time.  Them having a seven year winning streak speaks a lot to how hard Mason goes when it comes to sports,” junior Max Gottliebson said

Spring and winter sports still have to be played before the final score can be tallied and see who will win the All Sports Award this year.