Diversity being embraced with open arms


Emily Chien

“Most of my friends aren’t exactly like me.” said Ferdinand, “I consider our school to be an open place, where people can be themselves and be proud of it. Friends are friends and classmates are classmates.”

Throughout schools, a diverse crowd is commonplace. The environment, although usually beneficial for learning acceptance and judgment free zones, can also lead to bullying and racial segregation within student social life.

“Our school is so culturally and racially diverse that you get used to all the different people around you.” said freshman, Thea Ferdinand, “It has taught me, growing up, to be understanding and open to different people and things.”

Diversity is simply a variety. It is a way to describe a group of many different people, whether it’s racially, economically, culturally, and much more.

“Even though we are surrounded by a diverse crowd every day,” said Ferdinand, “people can be rude to others based on race or culture. It makes me sick because we are all humans; no one is better than the other.”

Despite the issue of bullying, studies show that critical thinking, problem solving, and deeper cognitive thinking all increase after being exposed to diversity in the classroom.

“I think it really helps us, as students, to work hand-in-hand with different people.” said Ferdinand, “Everywhere you go, there will be people that are not like you, and growing up with diversity makes us knowledgeable and wise.”