Athletic trainer receives assistance


One of Izworski’s jobs is to make sure the players have water. “This helps the trainers be able to help people who need assistance so they do not have to worry about people being dehydrated,” Izworski said. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s photography.

Elizabeth Izworski gets hands on training with the football team during the fall season.  She does this is by providing athletic trainer assistance.

Q: How did you start helping the athletic trainers?

A: I always have been interested in this kind of thing and Carrie one day was short on people so I went to help her and ended up liking it because the first game I helped we won and it was just fun to be on the field after a win.

Q: What do you do for the athletic trainers?

A: Before the game I help the trainers to wrap people’s wrists so that the trainers can do more important stuff that only they can do.

Q: Why do you help the athletic trainers?

A: My aunt is a physical therapist. I have always been interested in this kind of work and I love athletics so, the two things just go together so well.

Q: What is the pest part?

A: I have always gone to the football games to be with my friends, but now all my friends are on the fields so its nice that I can be still be with them.

Q: Favorite medical experience?

A: I got to help give someone stitches. A player’s chin strap had cut their chin and after they put the needle in his chin to numb it, I get to dispose of the needle and I got to hold medical rap on his chin to stop the bleeding.