Packing smart for your trip


Melinda Looney Ho

Airline companies will charge you extra money for food and luggage. Avoid these expenses by packing light with some hardy snacks. In addition to this, stay hydrated by taking an empty water bottle and filling it up once you pass security.

When getting ready for a trip, there is so much you need to do. You need to plan your stay and flights and most importantly need to worry about packing. But, how much or how little should we pack?

Packing smart is particularly important when traveling by plane as airlines have many fees on luggage. You have more space if you are traveling by car. However, do you really want to lug all that weight around, and go digging through mounds of unneeded processions?

“I usually make a list when I go on a trip,” freshman Kara Maxfield said.

Making a list helps you limit your options while still making sure to pack some necessities. If you were to make a list, try to separate it in categories.

“When I pack I usually bring clothes, toiletries, books, technology and headphones,” freshman Stephanie Hong said.

Some other people prefer to pack by what activities they plan to do each day. For example, someone might pack travel clothes for Saturday, pool gear for Sunday, and so on.

When thinking of clothes, keep it simple. Try to choose common colors or things that can match with different clothing items like black leggings.  In addition, pack items that can help you “dress up” an outfit, such as a colorful scarf.

“When I pack, I always take this one pillow that helps me go to sleep at night,” freshman Emma Smith said.

Comforting items can make the trip more enjoyable and make you feel more at home even when you are away.

Remember on vacation you can usually buy things if you forget to pack them. So, pack light, make a list, keep clothes simple, bring something comforting, and enjoy your travels.