Ace Bell meeting proves failure

It’s easy to criticize efforts to discuss diversity in a meaningful manner. It’s not an easy topic to handle. But what transpired in today’s Ace Bell was unacceptable.

Diversity is not about difference in favorite foods. Diversity is not eating Chipotle. Seeking a token black friend does not make you diverse, it makes you racist.

Open conversation about prejudice does not blossom from singling out the only non-white student and demanding to know their opinion on the student body’s inclusivity.

There was once a diversity week at SHS in which foods from various ethnic groups were served at lunch and students were forced to sit at tables with students they did not know. Speakers and representatives from numerous demographics were brought in. We do not have diversity week anymore. We do not even have diversity day.

The only honest, relevant comment in my Ace Bell came from a student complaining about the plight of being a white man in modern America.

The failure to take advantage of the opportunity for real discussion about diversity is especially devastating considering how much potential we have here. With all the differences in nationality, socioeconomic status, race, and religion at SHS, we deserve better than a presentation on the High School Musical slogan, “we’re all in this together.”