Swimmers can choose to practice with club teams


Wu is competing in the 100 yard freestyle. Along with swimming for the high school, she also swims with the Cincinnati Marlins, a local club team. While swimming with the Marlins, Wu had the opportunity to work with the new assistant coach, Stephen Lewis. (photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography)

The first swim practice for SHS will be on Mon.  Nov. 10. The first week of practices is try outs to determine whether you are on the Varsity or the Junior Varsity team.

Try outs also determine what lane you will be swimming in if you decide to practice at SHS. Lane six is the fastest lane and lane one is the slowest lane.

“For the people that practice with the high school, they are assigned a lane to practice in. Though depending on the day you can switch lanes if you want to go on a faster cycle for a certain set or during specific stroke sets the lanes will get changed a lot too,” said junior Jory Gould.

   If a swimmer does not opt to practice with SHS, they can practice with a local club team and still be eligible to swim in high school meets as long as they do not swim in meets with their club team during the high school season.

“I practice with my club team The Cincinnati Marlins because I really like my coach and I have gotten used to his training style and the way he runs practices,” said junior Annie Moreno.

   Another possibility is practicing with your club team until the high school team has already been practicing for a couple of weeks and then joining high school practices. This option allows swimmers to swim one more meet with their club team before switching to high school meets.

The local club teams in the area are as follows:

  • Cincinnati Marlins
  • Blue Ash YMCA
  • Cincinnati Aquatic Club
  • Mason Manta Rays
  • Milford Area Swim Team

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