Girls JV Soccer wanting more from school


McDaniel's Photography

Sophomore Brooke Baker is dribbling the ball downfield for girls’ JV soccer. With the team’s large number of players, time on the field was limited. Although the teammate number was large they were able to bond as one.

The JV Girls Soccer Team, although with 22 players and had injuries to key players leading to a 4-7-1 record.

“We had to overcome a few things: injuries to key players at important points of the season, getting everyone playing time,” Coach Brint Conley said.

Conley has been the coach of JV for six seasons.

“And developing chemistry [was something to overcome] between players given that I was substituting frequently due to our high numbers,” Conley said.

Team bonding was a strong point for the team including road trips, pasta parties and getting a gift basket for Conley and his wife when their son Briceson was born.

Road trips were common for the team as they went on eight trips including going to Wright State University.

“Our team bonded a lot over the season. I think we all have friends that we didn’t in the beginning and now better understand each other on and off the field,” sophomore Nicole Crone said.

“The best road trip we took was to Wright State to see a former Sycamore player play because I feel that we bonded a lot in the car trip and had a lot of fun watching a high level of soccer ,” Crone said.

Their trip to Wright State was to see Tennesse Tech University woman’s soccer team  play the Raiders with 2014 SHS graduate Michaella Keyes on the Purple Eagles.

Their season saw a lack of fan support since they are a JV team and not a major sport but they know SHS can improve on their spirit.

“I think as a team you feel a lot more pumped if more people come to a game,” sophomore Rebecca Holdren said.

Their coached noticed as well and has a challenge for SHS regarding spirit.

“I hereby challenge the student body to come out and support our athletes not in  just football or basketball,” Conley said.