New musical hits Broadway


Elizabeth Rickert

‘Once’ is a Broadway musical that is taking its first tour of the country. It comes to the Aranoff center downtown from Nov. 11 to Nov. 23. Tickets begin at $28.

Elizabeth Rickert

‘Once’ is an Irish play about the complexity of life. It is showing from Nov. 11 to Nov. 23 at the Aranoff center.

The play was originally a movie made in Dublin for $150,000. It went on to gross more than $20 million dollars.

It was transformed into a Broadway show in 2012. However, it is not a typical Broadway musical.

This is because the orchestra is on stage, and furthermore, the choreography is limited because it is based on everyday movement. In addition, the actors hang out at a working bar on stage before and during the show.

“I’m super excited to see it on Sunday. I hear there’s some really good music,” junior Meagan Haupt said.

The most notable song is ‘Falling Slowly‘ which has won an Academy Award. It has also been played on the radio so it is not a typical Broadway song.

“I thought the song was really good because it’s not as upbeat like most musical songs. I also thought the voices just blended really well together. I’m excited to see it on stage,” junior Corinne Gause said.

‘Once’ has the potential to be a transitional piece in Broadway history.