SHS says goodbye to freshman teams


McDaniel's Photography

Lena Harper competes in a match against Princeton. Harper played on the Freshmen team, but she plays up on the JV team for the Princeton game.

Leah Wallihan

This year, basketball is removing its freshman team and replacing it with a JV B team.  But what is the reason for this change?

Many schools around Ohio are beginning to eliminate freshman teams for a couple of reasons.

“There is a lack of numbers of students participating in athletics and costs need to be cut,” coach Victor Harris said.

Since it is now possible that sophomores and juniors do not have a set spot on JV A or Varsity, some people are upset by the change.

“A lot of schools are going to JV A and JV B teams to get more kids to participate, but some kids and parents don’t like the idea of playing on a B team. But if it gives them a chance to play, I’m all for it.  I am not opposed to this as long as you give kids the same number of opportunities to participate in a sport,” Harris said.

However, freshmen may have a different view on the subject.  They may have a more positive opinion on the removal of the freshman team, because it could positively affect their placement on the three teams.

“I think it was a good thing to do because now freshmen can play up and not get held back because there are enough for the freshmen team,” freshman Jessica Fehr said.