Swimming sprints into new season


Wu is competing in the 100 yard freestyle. Along with swimming for the high school, she also swims with the Cincinnati Marlins, a local club team. While swimming with the Marlins, Wu had the opportunity to work with the new assistant coach, Stephen Lewis. (photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography)

Hannah May

   Dr. Dan Carl is the head high school swimming coach. At the start of the season, former assistant coach Michael Wenert informed the team that he would no longer be able to coach for the high school.

“I think it will be nice to have a new face on the team and to get a new coaches perspective. However I am sure that Coach Mike will be missed,” said junior Mackenzie McMullen.

   Stephen Lewis will be replacing Weinert as the new assistant coach. Lewis is currently a coach for the senior group for the Cincinnati Marlins. Lewis coaches at the North site of the Marlins, which is located at Princeton High School.

Lewis moved to Cincinnati last year. Before coming to Cincinnati, Lewis coached for both a club swim team and a high school swim team in Tennessee.

“I’m a swimmer for the Marlins at East so Coach Stephen is not my main coach but I have had some opportunities to work with him. He really helped me with my breaststroke and seems very knowledgeable on the sport,” said junior Priscilla Wu.

Carl is also a coach at the Marlins for the East site and therefor has been working and collaborating with Lewis as a coach already.

The Varsity team try outs are being held from Mon., Nov. 10 until Fri. Nov., 14. The team list will most likely be posted on Mon. Nov., 17.

Along with the list, the lane assignments will be posted. Swimmers are assigned lanes to practice in based on their speed and skill level.

The fastest swimmers go in lane six where the cycles are the fastest. The slowest cycles are in lane one.

“The lane assignments help because then you are swimming in lanes with people who are around the same speed as you. It also allows you to branch out and meet new people that you might not normally talk to,” said junior Jory Gould.

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