Target teenager trends through Twitter


MCT Photo

The photo of Lee went viral on Nov. 2. The tweet of Lee was retweeted more than 800,000 times. He was invited on to the Ellen Show on Nov. 5th.

The rise to fame for most teenage comes from having a beautiful singing voice, a unique talent, or just the looks.

“When I first found out about him my heart melted because he looked like an angel sent from above but now just like every internet fad, he has passed but is still in my heart,”  sophomore Gracie Pel said.

But thanks to the Internet, one teenager just became famous for bagging groceries. Meet Alex Lee, more famously known as “Alex from Target”, a 16-year-old boy from Texas with wispy blonde hair who works at Target.

“Honestly, society should stop making these kinds of people famous. One day Twitter is boring as usual and the next thing I know everyone’s obsessing about some guy named Alex that works at Target,”  sophomore Connor Jarrett said.

Twitter user @auscalum posted a picture of him on Nov. 2 and the Internet has since taken notice. Hundreds of Twitter users have created fake accounts for Alex. The real “Alex from Target” has already accumulated 730,000 followers.

“I won’t be surprised if next time I go to Target, there’s a huge line looking for Alex from Target, girls would do anything to meet him. It’s kind of like when everyone had Bieber Fever,”  sophomore Matthew Schuetz said.

The hashtag alexfromtarget has been trending ever since the picture was put into the public. Not only is he getting recognized on Twitter, but Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram have also been taken over.