Mexican students still missing


MCT Photography

A protester in Mexico carries a picture of one of the missing students. Guerrero, the state where they went missing, has the highest number of murders in the country per every 100,000 people. The governor of the state recently resigned due to the protests.

Tensions have risen in Mexico as 43 students remain unaccounted for. Citizens have taken to the streets, demanding the return of the abductees.

“People in Mexico are taking to the streets yesterday, today and just about every day for the last month, demanding not only clearing up this particular crime, which is very particularly egregious and important, but really a change to the system,” National Autonomous University of Mexico professor John Ackerman said to ‘CNN’.

The group of teacher trainees from a college in Ayotzinapa was last seen in the city of Iguala on Sept 26, where they were protesting the government’s lack of spending on education. After clashing with local police, they disappeared.

“With firm determination, the government will continue the efforts for a full accounting of the incident,” Mexican president Peña Nieto said according to ‘CNN’. “The capture of those who ordered it isn’t enough; we will arrest everyone who participated in these abominable crimes.”

Authorities allege that government officials ordered the abduction of the students by local police, and later killed them and burned the bodies.  Protester’s and the student’s families, however, still believe the students to be alive.

“It’s been more than 40 days that we have been inquiring, marching, protesting; this is a joint action with the parents that demands the return of our 43 fellow students, alive,” Mexican protester Andres said to ‘AFP’.