Senior plays in Senior Showcase


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Gibson is looking to play volleyball in college. Whether it is indoor or sand, she hasn’t decided yet. Currently, she is looking into Mercer University in Atlanta and Concordia University in Chicago.

Taylor Evans

While the state tournament for girls’ volleyball is over, the games are not. On Nov. 13, select seniors from GMC teams will participate in a final volleyball match. Senior Elizabeth Gibson will represent Sycamore at this match.

“I’m playing in the Senior Showcase, and there is also an All-Star game being played later that night,” Gibson said.

In order for players to play in the match, they must be chosen by their coaches. Only one senior from each team is chosen to represent their respective schools the night of the game.

There is also the question of how to stay in shape during the time between the end of one’s season and when the match will be.

“I’ve just played some sand to stay in shape and have some touches on the ball. Playing a few days a week makes such a huge difference,” Gibson said.

One of the most interesting things of the match is that all the girls participating were opponents during the season, and now they must play together on the same team.

“The game will be interesting because I’ve been playing against these girls since freshman year, some of them since junior high so we all know each other. I think it will be a fun night since they aren’t really the enemy anymore,” Gibson said.