No dribbling difference


Sophomore Lena Harper is looking to pass the ball in a JV basketball game last year. Harper, now a swing player from JVA to Varsity also was a swing player from freshman to JV the previous season. This change from a freshman to JVA team is a conference wide change. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Lauren Kurtzer

The Greater Miami Conference  (GMC) is changing how the girls basketball teams are set up. Instead of having a freshman and JV team, all schools within the conference will now have JVA and JVB teams.

“To be honest there is not a difference this year. JVB is a freshman team. The reason they have it is in case not enough freshman come out for the team,” sophomore Lena Harper said.

The number of people trying out was not a problem with over 30 going for the team and all made the team.

“I think that having a JVA and a JVB team is a good idea because it gives sophomores that are not ready to play at the Varsity level the opportunity to continue playing,” freshman Kelsey Kandil said.

Both freshmen and sophomores see two different sides of the recent change.

“I do not think that there are any disadvantages to this idea. It will mostly benefit the program.  It will also give some freshmen the chance to play with some players that already have some high school experience,” Kandil said.

Although the incomers to the program at the high school level may be the only difference players see.

“Honestly it is not much different except the advantage is that sophomores can be brought down if needed (which there are not any sophomores on JVB). I like it so far though,” sophomore Abby Hallock said.