Students honored for intellect


Elizabeth Rickert

Mr. Ken Clark and Mr. Marvin Hoffert are the new teacher sponsors for NHS. They are working hard to perfect the ceremony that will be taking place on Nov. 20. NHS is dedicated to honoring students hard work.

National Honor Society is an honor that is bestowed upon students with a 3.6 GPA or higher.
“It means a lot to me to be selected for NHS because it shows that my hard work has paid off. It’s also really important for colleges,” junior Mackenzie McMullen said
The induction is taking place on Thurs. Nov. 20 in the evening. The ceremony is located in the little theater where friends and family celebrate the students achievement.
The inductees are required to have a sponsor. The sponsor is a teacher or person who has affected the student.
“When I asked Mrs. Nimeskern to be my sponsor she got up and hugged me. The teachers excitement at being chosen makes having them as your sponsor even better,” junior Christina Caporale said.
The group is dedicated to being scholars and doing charity. Before one can be inducted they must complete 30 hours of volunteer work.
“It’s incredible that there is 144 students being inducted. Sycamore should be proud that they have that many kids who can meet the requirements,” junior Tyler Miller said.