Taylor Swift mocks haters with new song


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Once the girl who said she would never move to the city or cut her hair short, Taylor Swift is now taking a new approach on her music style. Now not only humiliating her ex boyfriends in her music, but also her critics. With her new “Blank Space” music video, she is mocking the titles that the media has given her.

Emilie King

Havnig been often called “boy crazy” in the past, Taylor Swift is putting out new support for the critical title. Her new Album “1989” came out Oct. 27, with a total of 13 songs. Among those songs is a song called “Blank Space” which is currently No. 10 most popular song in the nation.

“She’s been taking advantage of the public’s interest in her love life for years by making her hits seem alternately like blind items in gossip columns or subtweets on Twitter, but always with an earnestness that bordered on humorlessness,” Buzzfeed released in an article.

Buzzfeeds remarks are also true about the song. Although the song is centered around being in a relationship with a boy, she is also mocking the public’s view of her love life.

“[Blank Space] has developed over the years. It’s developed into this reputation of being somewhat of a crazy serial dater…I was thinking about the reputation and I just thought…what if I was that girl? What song would I write?” Swift said in a behind the scenes video for the “Blank Space” music video.

In the music video which was released Nov. 10, Swift takes up the role of the psychotic girlfriend and ends up torturing her actor boyfriend. Again, just another way Swift jests with the critics name calling.

“‘Blank Space is one of the only songs I’ve ever written that I started out writing as a complete joke,” Swift said on a Tumblr post.