One Direction back with fourth album


MCT photo.

The boys have been on three tours already and are planning their fourth one. The tour that has wrapped up recently, “Where We Are”, was helping to promote their new album and the single “Steal My Girl”. The album can be found on iTunes for $12 and the single for $1.29.

Taylor Close

Considering they are the world’s biggest boy band, and have just released their newest album, Four on Nov. 17, the boys fans, called “Directioners”, have been waiting for almost a year for the newest addition to the music collection.

“I really like their voices and the variety of their sound because no two songs are exactly the same, which can be hard to find in music today,” freshman Lily Martinson said.

The album’s name is Four because it is the band’s fourth album produced by Columbia Records and Syco Music. As the Where We Are tour recently ended and the new tour just announced, the album is getting lots of attention.

“I think that this has to be their best album yet because of how the band has grown as artists and how their variety and sound combine together,” Martinson said.

The single “Steal My Girl” was released on Sept. 29, and a music video premiered on the boy’s VEVO channel on Oct. 24. Along with other songs like “Night Changes”, the album has 12 songs on the regular CD.

“I really like all of the songs on the album but I think that “Clouds” would have to be my favorite because I like the composition of the song and the lyrics of it,” Martinson said.